Pornography Addiction: Definition

Obsession towards pornography is a no new concept to the current world. Initially, persons who had intense cravings for sex-related material would view them either in the journals or stored film. However, today the story is different.

The Internet is everywhere, and the gigantic proportion of the world’s population has internet access devices including kids. According to the International Telecommunication Union of the US, about half of the world’s population accesses the internet on a daily basis as per the year 2015, what about now? It has increased, right?

Pornography Addiction Definition

Porn dependence in simplest terms refers to a strong compulsion which directs someone into serious cravings towards viewing sex-related videos, pictures or other materials of such anywhere and at any time without reconsidering the impacts/ consequences. 

Several types of research on this indicate that men are most likely affected with this condition in comparison to ladies. The access percentage for men reads between 50% and 99% while that of women between 30% and 86%. Most of this addicts will always use the leas moments they have to watch or view a clip or two. Without that, their mood lowers and may feel depressed for the entire period.

The most recommendable solution to this obsession type requires mainly for therapies – cognitive behavioural therapy in particular. It helps in training the addict better ways to deal with their condition and effective ways they need to follow to avoid relapse.

The reality of Porn Obsession

The battle of the mind has and yet exist over consent on whether or not porn obsession should be classified as a real addiction about clinical terms. Different health, as well as psychiatric experts, have come up with their supportive explanations on this considering most of the sign and subjective ill health indicators of it resembles both alcohol and drug dependence.   

The reality of Porn Obsession

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), porn obsession should be categorised in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the fifth edition claiming that it ought to be a subcategory of the hypersexual syndrome. However, the scientific board concluded that there were not enough supporting evidence on such diagnosis.

In consideration of sex-related addictions as well as hypersexual complaints, some psychiatrists believe that porn obsession should exist as part of the compulsive illness in line with those of alcohol and drug dependence — their argument base on the dependence mechanism which encompasses giving pleasurable rewards to the brain.

According to a research study report on this topic published on the Behavioral Science journal in 2015, an electroencephalogram (EEG) can sense changes in the features of brain’s activity each time adult content get viewed. The process involves a reactive event commonly known as P300 which occurs within 300 milliseconds of watching time. 

Porn Obsession

In sustenance of their study further, the scientists explained that such similar response is what crops whenever a drug addict get exposed to images of their addictive substances. 

As the APA stays undecided about this, it, however, admits that the obsession towards sex-related materials bears both psychological and physiological orientation. Also, they accept that the viewing behaviour at least meets two or four of the clinical conditions relating to addiction.

These comprise of;    

  • Impaired control: Persons addicted in this manner tend to lose control of themselves and instead draws a lot of its attention and focus on sexual matters. They would so much crave watch sexual contents all the time. 
  • Social problems: These people lack proper socialisation skills and zeal to work therefore will miss finishing work at school, workplaces or home chores — most of the type they give up.

Points disqualifying this condition from meeting its proper definition explains that it lacks risk-taking and tolerance aspects. Meaning, one may not need to watch a 500 GB video to get satisfied but just a little. Again, it misses the withdrawal symptoms which are very typical with other mental illnesses. 

Despite this, still some people believe it is an obsession, but their argument is usually inconsistent and sometimes vague.

Pornography addiction statistics

Attaining accurate statics concerning pornography can be very difficult considering that they change more drastically day by day. Though, the imagination of how many people access pornography every single day is amazingly significant. 

Pornography addiction statistics

The best method that reveals this is the live adult content sites existing. Their number is estimated at over 24.5 million. This back in 2017, by now it should be much higher. Another indicator of a considerable amount of viewers is the huge amount of money adult content sites are generating online. According to a report released by Wosnitzer and Bridges in the year 2007, there were about 13,000 videos online generating over $13 billion while Hollywood which produced 507 movies only made $8.8 billion.

 Report by IFR indicates that there are about 68 million searches on pornography each an every day which comprises 25% of the total search. 

Porn addiction statistics

A higher risk exists if children get exposed to pornographic material there is usually high likelihood that they can carry on with that to adulthood which therefore becomes an addiction. Research on child sexual videos indicates that daily searches amount to about 116,000. For parents, knowing addiction statistics on this may never be of free assistance but rather knowing ways of preventing your child from accessing them.

Other statics includes the following;

  • Addicts spend at least 11 hours of their daily time to view sexual materials
  • For every second that passes, over 300,000 people watch sex videos or documents
  • Close to 40 million of the US population involve themselves in pornographic related issues
  • About 8% of emails sent on a daily fundamental concern sexual contents. This translates to 2.5 billion emails.
  • Despite efforts by various people to avoid pornographic contents, still, 20% of adults and 80% of children get exposed without their free will.
  • Pop up ads and misdirecting links and emails have exposed over 34% of addicts to pornography without their direct intention
  • About 20% of men and 13% of ladies admit having access to porn contents while at their workplaces.

Signs and Symptoms Of Porn Addiction

Lots of subjective illness indicators exist for this condition. Below are the most common ones. 

  • You live a double life: Unlike other addictions such as of alcohol or drug, where the abuser can easily be noticed just from their appearance, porn dependents are a little harder to discern. Most of them will lead a normal life but only hides to watch or view sex-related videos and pictures.

Interaction with online friends in chat rooms can increase the chances of one getting addicted. Most relationships might collapse when one of the partners lives such life. If no solution is effected as soon as possible, this condition might worsen.

  • You Suffer From Sexual Dysfunction

Recently, cases of young men suffering from erection dysfunction as well as delayed ejaculation have been on the rise.

Under the ordinary situation, the two sexual malfunctioning result from physical illness, utilisation of antidepressants – usually SSRI-based, physical impairment, emotional stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, among many others.

Signs and Symptoms Of Porn Addiction

However, it’s been approved that those addicted to porn content tend to acquire the sexual problems as their orgasm is only triggered by not a sexual partner but the sex clips, images and other related materials. 

Many times, such persons would prefer watching porn movie than having sex with a partner. However, in case they do, they will be playing sex images in their minds while having actual sex.

Osteopathic Society in America issued a report that most teenagers were at a higher risk of suffering this condition – this was because most of them can access the internet anytime anywhere. Also being young with fresh brains, pornography can easily trigger the brain’s pleasure centres to create addiction.

  • Being fully preoccupied with pornography

Just like in the case of alcohol and drug dependency, being obsessed with pornography can eat into your productive moments. Most of the addicts cannot spend a moment without thinking of the material the viewed of sexual content and on that very same not crave for it again. 

Signs and Symptoms of Pornography Addiction

According to internet research, about 70% of persons accessing pornographic contents do that on work days. Meaning even at workplaces, addicts will always find time for their addiction.

Such a high level of dependency can easily lead to masturbation.

  • You can develop guilt and self-hate from using pornography

One fact about porn obsession is that the addicts always see guiltiness in what they do especially in their refractory times. The often feel hate for themselves which they do not tell anyone for fear of judgment and hatred.

Most of them, perceive it to be a total embarrassment disclosing such problems to somebody who can and should help them. Out of this secrecy, most of them tend to develop psychologically as well as emotional distress which eventually grows into a feeling of exclusion/ isolation. In some extreme cases, they may even develop depression.   

  • Graduating to illegal porn

Research by the American Osteopathic Association has it that whenever one is used to watching common types of pornography, the grey matter in the central nervous system tends to decrease. Meaning, yes, the brain will be wanting more of the images and videos but will not be feeling same high-level pleasure all through. There will be less neuro-connectivity and few neurons.

Symptoms of Pornography Addiction

The next thing, therefore, addicts of this nature will think of is a wrong porn type whereby this can be violent associated or involving children. However, this will be law offensive, and they may be charged with a sexual felony. Otherwise, they may be denied work and housing permits also a partner may leave you, a situation which may lead to severe depression.   

  • Hate for your partner

So many divorce cases have been reported and are still coming in root because being disagreements and dissatisfactions on bed matters. Most porn addicts tend to believe that what they watch behind the screens concerning sex contents are real. They forget about choreography, fantasy and fiction used in the production process of those movies and would like their partners to offer the exact thing they watch.

Stages of Porn Addiction

Well, the reality is that it is impossible. This fact was confirmed by the Psychology Today saying that men expect the impossible of their partners. Whatever happens in porn movies are never real and that women do not masturbate to acquire attraction feeling.

  • Lack of better sense of sexuality and intimacy

Longtime consistency in watching sex films might corrupt your mind of the real idea behind intimacy and sexuality. Beginning to imagine your partner will or should act in a very similar manner or probably better than a porn star is entirely insane. 

There is nothing ever wrong with your partner, as most people often think. The very wrong and absurd thing is actually with you.

It is sad some addicts think in this direction, and therefore they spend most of their lives lonely.

  • Develop anti-social nature

The addictive nature of porn films or contents renders one anti-social. Most of the time addicts will be accessing the internet in search of new clips, photos relating to sex. This therefore means, they will have less time to spend with friends, relatives or other groups of people close to them.

Porn Addiction

It is essential to seek help on this before you begin dating however it will ruin the entire relationship. Remember your partner will always be needing your whole focus and not partial a condition which you might not achieve when still obsessed.

  • Making a lot of spending on pornography

The same way an alcoholic will spend all money to the very last coin they have on alcohol is the same way a porn addict will do. They will never be satisfied with just watching a film or two or just viewing a picture, no, they will always want more.

CNBC reveals that in the United States for every second which passes, a total of $3,075 get spent on adult contents while 28,000 views then via the internet.

This means one can get entirely broke out of all these so as not to be able to provide for their family needs or some of their requirements.

  • Negative impacts at your workplace and home

What could ever be more exciting and heart fulfilling to a porn addict other than adult contents? Nothing at all. These people will use every opportunity they have either at the workplace or home to watch a few clips or view pictures.

In some cases, some would even fail to attend their daily jobs to stay back at home and watch the videos.

Others also will also skip a crucial family meeting to have their own, uninterrupted moments of viewing adult contents and materials. 

Eye complications might as well result from such scenarios given that a lot of time is spent on screens.  

Dealing with a porn addict husband 

Porn addiction in marriage can be a destroyer if not addressed the quickest way possible. Lots of relationships have fallen out it and remained as such especially when the infected spouse is not ready to change. 

So do you do if you find your husband is an addict? Here are the best steps to follow for useful results.

  • Avoid Denial: acceptance of reality is very crucial when it comes to solving such a problem. The most family member will perceive most of what their closest family does to be always normal even if they aren’t. 
  • Get to the roots Addiction

It should occur to you that marriage is a union associating the two of you and therefore if one is affected the two of you are. 

Porn Addiction

Therefore, on that note, the woman should try and find out the root cause of this problem since addiction occurs as an illness.

She should read about it on books internets and even seek advice from friends/ health specialists to gain full comprehension of it. 

  • Forming a Codependent kind of Relationship

This means you will find ways of adapting in the new state of your husband. If you are hurt so much with their influenced behaviours, then the likelihood is that you will suffer disorders such as depression as well. 

  • Avoid Enabling

Often in Addiction campuses, enabling method or tactic is taught as a way of controlling one’s behaviours which may lead to severe consequences. However, the leeway with it is that the addict has still left access to whatever the addictive substance they are using. 

This means, therefore, there is no help offed by the enabling method instead it worsens situations.    

  • Join support groups

It is said numbers have the strength and when it concerns addiction, this works quite well. If you never knew, there are lots of husbands and wives outside there suffering from the same situation you may be in. 

Joining their team chaired by health experts and counsellors can be of significant advantage to you. At least you will have a trusted group of people you can share with experiences in exchange for advice.

Examples of these groups include Naranon or Alanon. They help alleviate the burden one feels of their loved ones.

  • Create a clear boundary

In case your partner refuses to heed to the healing advice and medications, you can draw a line to set some limits. These could be regarding ending the relationship, finances or communication.

If the spouse is serious enough and means change, they will seek help and make necessary adjustments before they reach such lines.

Recovery from Porn Addiction

The treatment procedure on adult content addiction mainly focuses on correction of behaviour. The first step in this is accepting ones’ situation and then looking for a practical solution from reliable personnel.

Therapists would be the most relevant persons. They will listen to you out and mainly designed for you a particular Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you curb the condition.

Alongside that, you will have to attend sessions of counselling to help you fresh up and shun away from compulsions towards pornography.


Despite the world having lots of anti-porn addiction groups, a large group of people still suffers the addiction as more joins them day by day. Going by the statistics, there exist a high number of porn film viewers in comparison to those movies. Sadly, about 116,000 people each day search on children pornography meaning even children are also in the mix.

This sought of addiction is often very critical to lots of relationships especially marriage. Many marriages and love relationships have sunk out of this. Men, who are the most affected persons, always want their women to behave similarly as the porn stars which in most cases can never happen. They do not understand the fiction involved in the shooting of those videos. Out of this, therefore, they tend to believe that their partners could be having some problems which are never the case. 

Obsession with adult contents can ruin one’s work and even family. The best solution is looking for cure from a health specialist, preferably a psychotherapist.

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