Why is Nicotine Addictive

Nicotine addiction is an irrepressible inclination for nicotine use usually in the form of smoking cigarettes and cigars.

nicotine addiction

Nicotine is a burned part of tobacco. When we smokes then some part of nicotine absorbed by our lungs. We generally absorbed nicotine while smoke cigarette. The main cause of smoking addiction is nicotine addiction.

Some may smoke casually and some habitually to satisfy an addiction present in tobacco. So many persons are now surfing from this addiction. Nicotine is one of the harmful substances present in tobacco. Other substance name is harmane. It is as much harmful as nicotine.

Type of Nicotine Addiction

There are numbers of ways by which we may become nicotine addict. Some types are listed below:

-Passive smoking
-Pipe hookah

Reason for Increasing Nicotine Addiction

The main reason for increasing nicotine addiction is advertisements. Teenager watches advertisements which shows fictional side of life and teens attracts more to it. Other main reason is parental smoking.

nicotine addiction

One thinks that if nicotine is not affecting our parent then how it will affect me, so they start smoking. Next reason is peer pressure. In this generation peer pressure is very important reason for tobacco addiction.

Disadvantages of Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is absorbed by our lungs so the main cause of lung cancer is nicotine addiction. It affects our health so badly, our hearth is badly affected by nicotine addiction, it also affects our stomach, and vision impairment is also caused by nicotine addiction. Now a day we can see that family disputes is also increasing due to nicotine addiction. Person may become infertile due to nicotine dependence.


-Taxes on tobacco should be increased.
-Cigarette advertisement should be banned.
-Government should arrest those persons who are selling to below 18 year teen.
-The main important solution is that government should banned smoking.

nicotine addiction

Tobacco use has been into the existence for several centenaries used widely to relieve from tension bored ness and relaxation

Tobacco is derived from the plants which can be consumed in the form of cigarettes, cigars and leaf tobacco. It has been into the existence since from the ancient period. It can be chewed, smoked and sniffed. It contains the essence called as ‘Nicotine’ which gives the pleasure or merriment to the users, as they say.

nicotine addiction

It has been reported that more than one hundred million people died due to the particular habit of smoking in the last century alone. It is one of the main contributors of lung disease and cancer.

Products of Tobacco

-Snuff is a term used for finely-crushed smokeless tobacco.
-Chewing tobacco is one of the oldest forms of consuming tobacco.
-Snus is also a form of tobacco which is steamed (Swedish snus)
-Creamy snuff is nothing but a paste of tobacco with menthol usually sold in tubes.
-Gutkha is the crushed form of tobacco available in sweet flavors (India).

Causes and Uses

Although many people attribute tobacco smoking for relaxation, overcome tiredness, boring, bring down tension, fun, manliness but the major reason is internal pleasure. Man has to face a lot of hassles in day-to-day life.

nicotine addiction cycle

So tobacco is a form of remedy for them to keep them in the cool pot. Here the causes and uses are almost equivalent. A study suggests that smoking leads to loss of appetite and weight.


Tobacco use should be controlled or completely stopped particularly smoking (most tobacco users follow the smoking method). The serious effects which it poses are:

-Heart stroke and attack
-Lung disease and cancer
-Gum disease (Dental problems)
-Infertility or impotence


Governments are taking the necessary action to curb and hamper the smoking and its effects. A worldwide rally has also been conducted. Anti-smoking day is also followed.

nicotine addiction

Even some countries prohibited public smoking. But the numbers are not going down irrespective of the awareness. Unless they realize the hazardous effects it can’t be stopped.

Nicotine Addiction Treatment

Nicotine is kind of herb found in the plant of the tobacco. It is a kind of alkaloid which enclosed with nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon. It is taken in the form of cigarettes and cigars. The tobaccos that are chewed also produce nicotine. When the cigarettes are smoked, the chemical substance gives the pleasant feeling. Due to this kind of satisfaction the desire for the intake of drugs more and more occurs. In the beginning people use it when they are stressed but gradually they get addicted without any intention. There are various specialized treatments that are well reputed and offered by certified specialists.

nicotine addiction

Now a day everyone is aware of the bad cause of the smoking. Those who are involved in the smoking in some way or the other, they are eager to quit it as early as possible. In our day to day life many people take lots of nicotine due to active smoking. Inactive smoking is further risky for the people as compared to dynamic smoking. The addiction of tobacco causes lots of diseases which are not curable. Those who smoke about twenty five to thirty cigarettes per day, the brain is affected by three hundred times and these effects are very hard for better treatment also.

nicotine addiction treatment

Even if the individual do not smoke get infected with some kind of diseases. This is due to the consequence of passive smoking. It means that when smoker smoke the individual inhale the smoke which is harmful for their health. When the smokers smoke the small particles of the smoke are released in the air. These particles are gasped by the person that causes harm to the lungs and the toxins and also captivated through the skin which is harmful for the skin. It also causes skin diseases even to the non-smokers. As the treatment for nicotine addiction is costlier, it is helpful to take certified professionals help to find the best options.

Many kinds of addiction diseases influence the health of individual who have severe habit of in taking the nicotine. It affects the heart, mind and it is the major reason of cancer. It can affect total health of the person. The person who use the one and half pack cigarettes per day and quits the smoking by the age of thirty five, their life period is reduced by five years.

nicotine addiction facts

Lots of measures are make in use to reduce the smoking and taking nicotine. This addiction causes lots of diseases. Government are also realizing the cause and taking measures to stop it. Smoking is prohibited in some part of the world. Some of the government has charged heavy import and export duty which has lowered the transportation of the tobacco from one place to another.

With the help of the change in the rules of smoking in the public area and by rising the charge of the cigarettes, lots of people decreased its use. In case of high addiction, many chewing gums, patches and spray are available. In the tobacco many forms of chemical are found. But, the only one is there that gives the pleasurable and euphoric feeling. Due to this kind of sensation the people are dragged towards it. They should go for addiction treatment for their recovery. These chemicals are not only present in cigarettes or tobacco but, it can also be found in caffeine. Excessive use of coffee and tea also boost the level of it and can cause harm to the body.

There are several methods through which the person can deal effectively with nicotine addiction. Planting lots of plants in and around the house, the air can be cleansed through it. With the help of the effect of smoke can be lowered. Those who are addicted to the smoking need to get treatments and can use activated charcoal powder which is helpful in cleansing the body by sweating. The people who wish to quit nicotine addiction, there are lots of treatments that are provided by the health care. Those who have the strong will power can able to stop it by themselves. But those with extensive intake would not be able to do it on their own. Behavioral treatments give support to leave out the habit of smoking with the help of specialized drug recovery therapists.

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