Marijuana: Definition

Cannabis, as sometimes it is referred is one of the most active psychoactive drugs either sold in the street for pleasure or utilized in the hospitals for medical purposes. It sources from a plant, cannabis sativa specifically from the leaves, flowers, seeds and even stems. Its main active chemical compound is the tetrahydrocannabinol THC which has addictive influence. 

Marijuana: Definition

Looking at one of the most abused illicit street drugs, marijuana stands right in the middle. According to the 2015 survey conducted by the US’s Monitoring Future, over 11 million adult persons of age between 18 and 25 are the main culprits in this. The fact comes out of peer pressure among youths. 

Methods involved in its consumption mainly goes with smoking. Some will hand-roll it to form cigarette shape; others will fill it in bongs and some in blunts – completely or empty filled cigars. A non-typical method is the utilization of vaporizers, equipment which separates the vapor containing the THC from the smoke.  They, therefore, inhale this vapor and let smoke diffuse into the air. 

As it would be expected, this drug comes with lots of both physiological and psychological effects some of which may be chronic others not.  However, there exists approved medical procedures to assist in all the dealings to achieve complete recovery

Marijuana Usage

Apart from smoking which is widely known, marijuana consumption happens in a variety of ways and even methods. 

  • Smoking

This is the most typical method. Mainly, the content is rolled into cigarette form referred to as joints or sometimes smoked in a bong or pipe containing a smoke filtering liquid. In some cases, a cigar can be hollowed of the tobacco and refilled with marijuana than burned as a blunt. 

Marijuana Usage

The oldest method here is the use of mini-bongs usually about pipe size. However, smokers are very innovating, apart from the above means, they can as well use soda bottles, corn cobs or cans to design pipes and bongs. 

  • Gravity Bongs

This is more of home fashion. From simple household staffs such as two-liter soda bottles, plastic bottles, buckets, and milk jugs, the best design for gravity bong can be invented to serve purposefully. It utilizes gravity in directing smoke into water chambers.

  • Vaping

Vaporization is another critical method utilized. It involves unique items to assist in the procedure. It is a highly advantageous method as it impacts less harm on the user.

  • Oral ingestion

Marijuana can be added to different assorts of foodstuff, beverages, granola bars, cakes, ice cream, lollipops, and cereals among many others. 

  • Spray

This method encompasses manufacturing sprays consisting of THC compound and spraying it under the tongue

Effects of marijuana to the brain

There exists co-occurring mental disorders resulted from prolonged utilization of this drug. These include; 

  • Temporary hallucinations
  • Temporary paranoia
  • For patients of schizophrenia, the symptoms are even worse
  • Other ill-health impacts comprise despair, nervousness, and suicidal judgments among teens

If not adequately managed, early enough in time, the conditions might be more severe. 

Short-Term Effects 

  • Low memory
  • Strong fear and nervousness 
  • Peculiar behavior associated with severe hallucinations plus Panic
  • Forgetting about oneself
  • Delayed response to surrounding factors
  • High heartbeat rates
  • High chances of experiencing a stroke
  • Coordination problems
  • Sexual complications  especially for men
  • High risk of acquiring STI’s

Long-term impact

  • They would generally have their IQ reduced
  • Low performance and delivery at school and work as well. They would prefer quitting or dropping out
  • Their thinking an general reasoning capacity is impaired
  • Not satisfied in life 
  • Prolonged cravings 
  • They are a high risk of developing a desire for opiate of which they mostly abuse.
  • They would have issues in the relationships and often engage in violence
  • Engagement in illegalities such as stealing 
  • Financial complications
  • Enhanced welfare necessity
  • High chances of losing job opportunities and being dismissed at work

After Utilization impacts

These occur differently and depends on one physiological response nature. Typical among them comprise;

  • Memory fluctuations mostly low
  • Uneven coordination
  • Indifferent comprehension of time
  • Mood alterations
  • Incapacity to think and make proper decisions

Physical Effects

  • Cancer
  • Bullous lung diseases
  • Distress in the respiration system
  • Bronchial infection
  • Heart attack
  • Brain damage 
  • Gum diseases
  • Hormonal changes
  • Harm to fetus 

Mental Effects

  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Chemical addiction
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Mood swings
  • Memory problems
  • Paranoia
  • Panic attacks 

Addictive nature of marijuana

Studies indicate that about 9 to 30 percent of users often get addicted to it. Prolonged utilization forms a craving feeling in the brain as it increases dopamine levels. 


More proof of its dependency is observed in the withdrawal signs seen and experienced during the recovery process. They comprise; grouchiness, sleeplessness, decreased appetite, nervousness, and cravings.

Types of Marijuana

They are mainly three;

  • Indica: It mainly originates from Afghanistan where it is referred to as ‘Kush.’ It influences mostly feeling or relaxation. One will always feel like laying on the couch.
  • Sativa: Medically it is utilized against despair and nervousness conditions. It also assists in managing mood fluctuations
  • Hybrid: Due to different regions and states offered for the growth of marijuana, different other strains commonly termed as hybrid have cropped up. More so its increase is associated with seed mixing from different regions. 

Medical aspects

As much as not yet legally approved to be used, marijuana chemical compounds, cannabinoids, have shown to influence healing effect towards certain illnesses as well as the symptom. 

The entire plant sections beginning from the leaves to the stems and sap can be harvested especially, processed and used in the manufacturing of pills for medicinal purposes. As much as there is more research into this, FDA of the US has already made approval of it.


Whether or not marijuana is legal and safe for utilization has been a topic of discussion for lots of decades. Given legality in some part of the world has triggered even more debate influencing others to fight for its legalization as well in their area. 

However, the truth here is that it can yes be used towards medical purposes which are accepted all over and also be abused as a street drug. Those who have been using it for street consumption have always landed themselves in severe obsessive obsession which comes along with ill-health complains. The result of it is disruption of their healthy living and health state in general.

Alternatively, as much as it’s legalized for medical use in the hospitals, the conviction of its effectiveness has not yet been fully established as a lot of persons take such advantages to abuse the drug. Hence strict regulations concerning its utilization have still been employed to curb such avoidable legal occurrences. 

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