Cocaine Addiction and Abuse: Definition

Among the most dangerous, yet abused, drugs is cocaine. Resulting from leaves of a Cocoa plant, the drug acts as a major stimulant with much greater efficiency. Its initial discovery was towards medical use as it had aesthetic properties which helped a lot in the surgery processes. 

Later into its use, in the 1800s, it was discovered that it had serious addictive effects which made most of its users crave for it more and more. It wasn’t until this period that different governments banned its use, as lots of people would only use it in order to feed their addiction.

Cocaine Addiction and Abuse: Definition

Today, due to the crazy cravings for it, a lot of multimillion dollar businesses have cropped up in secrecy, dealing in the selling of this illegal substance. Sadly, it has been a main contributor towards the deteriorating lives of so many persons across the entire world. 

Many of its users suffer severe obsessive dependence which lead them into unlawful actions, such as theft, in order to get money for the drugs. Also, they tend to neglect their families, jobs and opportunities to focus on it. 

Ill-Health Indicators of Cocaine Use

If it’s not you using the drug but your family members, it will often be difficult to discover this. Most of the time addicts will indulge in abusing cocaine in secrecy, so that you will never know.

Ill-Health Indicators of Its Use

However, there are lots of relating phenomena and ill-health indicators which can declare to you precisely whether one is using the drug or not. Some of these health impacts can be short or long-term, depending on the response of user’s body system.

The most frequent of them all are:

  • They will indicate signs of absolute confidence and superiority all the time, especially when under the influence
  • Experience mood swings
  • Tend to be more talkative
  • Drawn towards sex topics all the time
  • Lack of appetite for food
  • Acquire sleeping problems
  • Their nose region will have traces of a white substance. This will be particular to those using its powdered form, others may use injections or simply swallow; however, this causes damages in the intestinal tract.
  • Dilated pupils
  • Light susceptible eyes
  • Constant running of the nose, especially after usage
  • Damages in the nose causing bleeding in the interior cavity

For those who utilizes injections, you will find them with needle marks all over their limbs, especially on their arms. Sometimes others inject themselves on their neck. Another indicator would be discarded syringes in the place the drug was used. 

Short-Term Effects

Persons who consume these drug often grow wild towards the people around them without any proper reason – especially after just using cocaine. They may suffer violence while trying to confront others. Nose bleeds and heart attacks are other possible effects..

Cocaine-Addiction Effects

All these combine with severe headaches, confusion, high blood pressure, sweating, chills, as well as seizures.

Long-Term Impacts

Persons exposed to it for an extended period have a greater chance of damaging their brain and physical health. Serious obsessive dependence is one major impact; others include:

  • Infertility in women
  • Chronic impotence and sexual dysfunction 
  • Interference in lung function 
  • Breathing and eating difficulties
  • Movement ailments, like Parkinson’s
  • Bowel decay 

Cocaine Medical Utilization

For many years, medical cocaine has been an effective medication, and it was credited for treating numerous disorders. Many people do not know of this fact. Reports, however, started to surface concerning the social abuse of it and the increasing crime rate. For this reason, medicinal cocaine was categorized as narcotic, and its usage was restricted to surgical process as well as medicinal preparation.  

Cocaine Medical Utilization

The medical benefits of it have evidently shown since it’s still used as a local anesthetic when treating the nose, ear, and throat. Furthermore, it is used in preparation directed to patients to subdue pain of terminal disorders. 

Methods of Cocaine Abuse

The abuse here is primarily done orally, intravenously or by intranasal inhaling. When users sniff the drug, they inhale the powder via the nostril where it is absorbed veins via nasal tissues. Also it can be done by rubbing it on the gums. Mixing it with water then injecting it to veins intensifies the severity of its after-use impacts. 

Other people may simply inhale it.

Impacts of Cocaine Utilization

Majorly, the substance causes highness with severe agitations. However other impacts comprise of: interference with the lungs, breathing and eating difficulties, movement ailments like Parkinson’s and bowel decay for long-term and severe headaches, confusion, high blood pressure, sweating as the short-term.

How Does Cocaine Impact the Brain

Lots of cases have many people, especially users, lacking information on this topic. Once a person starts its utilization, the substance gets absorbed into the body and moves to reach the brain. As a result, production of high levels of dopamine chemicals are initiated, the neurotransmitter which triggers the sense of pleasure. 


Further studies on this indicates that the brain will begin to crave for this feeling daily. This craving, therefore, translates into a serious obsessive addiction towards cocaine. 

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

This procedure is available in various programs that can be personalized depending on the addict’s unique requirements and conditions. The best program for this condition should ensure that the users in recovery are involved in the entire process. 

Toxicity treatment through detoxification 

This is a withdrawal curative measure that assists users in securely withdrawing from the use of drug until it’s no longer in the system. It is specifically designed to help patients safely recover from withdrawal symptoms.


Despite being of great significance in the medical field, cocaine has proved to be a source of great harm to human life when used improperly; or even for its rightful purpose, due to how addictive it is. People who abuse it often perceive life differently and in such an existence, they lose track of proper living and instead focus on getting themselves high every moment they can.

Resulting from its abuse, a lot of families have broken up and opportunities and keenness at work places have been compromised, thus lowering general productivity. How long an individual takes to get used to it and crave for it remains a subject of their body’s response to the drug and the extent of exposure they have. 

For it being partly a worldwide disaster, several initiatives involving organizations and government institution have rose against its use. This is mainly towards ensuring that victims are well taken care of and no more numbers join them.

It is because of this that we now have rehab facilities offering both therapeutic as well as medical curative procedures as viable and effective options for recovering addicts. 

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